Your Challenge Today:

Discipline and training.

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Confidence comes from

discipline and training.

~ Robert Kiyosaki



Discipline and training ~ that’s what I think of when I imagine exquisite musicians, dancers, athletes and any super focused, highly accomplished professional. Developing confidence is a natural byproduct of preparation, discipline, and training. When you study, practice and train for a given activity, you know you have invested the effort to master your craft, your confidence is unmatched. When you take time to prepare for your upcoming event, you are elevating your odds of achievement and building a foundation for success.


Developing habits of discipline and training are essential tools to help you navigate your way to progress on any project that you are involved. Take a look at your performance in your efforts to reach your goal:


  • Do you have a plan that you can follow to move your forward with your goal?
  • Are you actively engaged in the behavior that will produce the desired result?
  • Are you practicing your newly desired habit on a daily basis?


Practice, practice, practice ~ that is what it takes to succeed. I think of it as learning to walk. Watch a toddler as they are learning to walk. They have such determination and courage; they try everything to pull themselves up, hold on until they feel safe and then, they let go and begin walking. One foot in front of the other, wobbly as they may be until they fall, oops.  OK, let’s do it again, and again until they get it and finally become mobile, yahoo ~ off and running!


That’s what we have to do, practice, mess up and practice some more. Eventually, we will come to realize our goal; we will begin to feel the success with consistent efforts and keep practicing until we have embodied the technique. Review, revise and renew our goals, plans, and actions until we maneuver our way to the finish line. As we go through this process, our confidence comes while we master our skills.



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